Mha Puja celebrated in Seattle

Newah Organization of America – Seattle (NOA Seattle) celebrated Mha Puja & New Year Nepal Sambat 1134 on 3rd of November, 2013 Saturday here in Richmond Masonic Center Shoreline. Around 100 people participated in Mha Puja.

Mha Puja is a unique tradition of worshiping body and the inner self. Newars believe that one needs to understand and respect oneself before he/she can understand others. Mha puja is purification, strengthening and understanding of oneself. Mha puja carries all the grandeur that a typical Newa festival or ritual possesses. It also is distinct from other Hindu or Buddhist worships in that it is the worship of oneself and not the usual worship of Gods and Goddesses or others. Mha puja exposes the relationship of a person with the surrounding nature and the cosmos. Understanding of one’s role in life makes him/her more knowledgeable and unselfish. Worshipping and blessing oneself to achieve unselfishness and generosity is unique by itself. Mha puja is also for prosperity and physical well being. Respecting this philosophy, NOA Seattle has been celebrating Mha Puja since last year.

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