Newars in London Celebrate Ghya Chaku Sanlhu

Newars in London celebrated "Ghya-Chaaku Sanlhu" by organizing a fun-filled event at Alperton, in northwest London with light music and dance. The event was organized by Pasa Pucha Guthi UK (PPGUK).

Also known as Maaghey-Sankranti, the festival was celebrated with traditional delicacies like haamu-gwaaraa (seasame ball), sanyaa (anchovies), samye-baji (beaten rice with soyabean and ginger), chhwoyelaa (meat cuisine) and seasonal vegetables. Members of PPGUK community also prepared Yomari (steamed rice-bread filled with molasses) at the venue in order to observe the recent festival of Yomari Punhi.

PPGUK founder member and President of Board of Trustees Mahanta Bahadur Shrestha, founder members Arjun Pradhan and Shashidhar Manandhar, BOT Vice President Kapil Shrestha and BOT member Kumar Shrestha we also participated in the event. Conceived by Om Pradhan, the event was participated by more than one hundred guests and around fifteen active volunteers. It also included a musical section presented by artists from PPGUK community which was highly appreciated. PPGUK Culture Secretary Suresh Shrestha, members Deepa Shrestha and Yubika Maharjan performed cultural dances at the event. Renowned singer Yogeshwor Amatya made a pleasant appearance at the event which concluded with a Bingo played by almost all present at the venue.

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