Idol of Bunga Dya (Rato Machhindranath) brought to Patan

The idol of Karunamaya Lokeshwar, popularly known as Bunga Dya (Rato Machhindranath) – the God of rainfall and harvest, has been brought to Yala (Patan) from Bungamati on Wednesday after performing necessary rituals.

The idol has been placed at Tabahaa where it will be kept for worship until the festival of Bunga Dya Jatra (Rato Machhindranath) that usually falls in April-May. During the Jatra, the idol will be taken around the old city of Patan in a chariot. The festival boasts of the tallest chariot and the longest chariot procession – often lasting for months – among all Jatras of Nepal.

After the festival, the idol will be taken back to Bungamati.

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