Sanskrit school in Dharan to teach indigenous Limbu language

Agitating Limbu students’ bodies and Nepal Sanskrit University have made an agreement on Sunday (20 January) to implement Limbu language education in higher secondary level at Pindeswar Bidhyapeeth of Dharan in eastern Nepal from the next academic session.

The agreement was signed between a committee formed by the University on demands of Limbuwan Students Union and student bodies, including Limbu Students Forum and Federal Students Union. That includes consent from the University and student bodies for continuous efforts and support to make Limbu language curriculum and educational materials available within three months so as to implement Limbu language education in the University’s curriculum from next session.

Limbu Students Forum, Federal Students Union and Limbuwan State Central Committee, three months ago, had submitted 6-point demands to Pindeswar Bidhyapeeth and the University calling for transformation of Nepal Sanskrit University into Multilingual University, adherence to proportional inclusive principles in appointment process of university personnel and teachers and education programmes of Limbu and other native languages in the university, among others.

In the press conference organized to inform about the agreement, coordinator of the University’s committee apprised that a team of experts had been formed to prepare Limbu language curriculum while initiatives will be made for teaching other native languages as well. However, since it is out of the University’s mandate for its transformation into a Multilingual University, both sides have agreed to make efforts to bring about initiatives from the state.

According to 2011 census, Limbu language is one of the major native languages of Nepal with around 350,000 speakers mainly in eastern Nepal. There are more than 120 native languages spoken in Nepal that are in dire need of conservation while significant state funds are used for preservation and promotion of Sanskrit, a language used mainly for Hindu religious purposes. Further, only Khas-Nepali language is recognized as sole official language at regional and national levels, including for competition in civil service while negligible governmental efforts have been made for education in native languages.

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