Govt. decides to give public holiday on Nepal Sambat New Year

Nepal’s government has decided to designate Nepal Sambat New Year as a public holiday from this year. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the proposal to that effect last week.

The proposal had added ‘Nepal Sambat and Mha Puja’ to the list of public holidays on the day previously only marked only as ‘Gobardhan Puja’ that was amended and adopted to make ‘Nepal Sambat New Year’ as per the recommendation of Minister for Science and Environment, Dr. Keshan Man Shakya. He thanked the government and concerned ministry for the decision to mention Nepal Sambat New Year and Mha Puja as public holiday on government calendar.

Nepal Sambat was used as official calendar until Gorkhali conquest of Kathmandu (then known as Nepalmandal) in 1768. In 2011, the government decided to bring Nepal Sambat back into use as Nepal’s national lunar calendar. Nepal Sambat was started in 879 AD to commemorate the payment of all the debts of the people by a trader named Sankhadhar Sakhwa. Mha Puja is a ritual performed by Newar people to purify and empower the soul on New Year's Day of Nepal Sambat.

Nepal Sambat New Year falls on 4 November this year.

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