Historical traditional dance fair ‘Bhi’n Pyaakha’n’ concludes in Khona (Khokana)

Historical traditional dance fair ‘Bhi’n Pyaakha’n’, performed after 44 years, concluded on Saturday with the staging of a dance titled ‘Ekadashi Barta’ in Chwe Laachi of Khona (Khokana), a tiny Newar village 8 km south of Kathmandu.

The fair started from Gunhu Punhi (28 December 2012) in coordination of Shree Rudrayani Depaa Daapa Khala (Shree Rudrayani Traditional Music Group) and Mhena Daapa Khala (Mhena Traditional Music Group) and management support from Lidhansaa Paasaa Pucha (Lidhansaa Friends Group).

“More than 100 performers participated in the dance fair that has been staged successively in Kwe Laachi, Gaa Bu’n and Chwe Laachi of Khona village,” Saran Gopal Dangol of Lidhansaa Paasaa Pucha informed Nepalmandal.com.

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